McRae Rally Experience
Alister McRae is part of the first family of rallying. And now, his professionalism and extensive skills are being used to form the foundation of the ultimate corporate entertainment programme.
Spending a day with Alister and riding in rally cars similar to those in which he forged his career is an experience that few will be able to stop talking about, let alone forget. Whether it's for thrilling client entertainment, in-house incentive or reward programmes with a difference or an exciting environment for business networking, a day at the McRae Rally Experience is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

An Bespoke Tailored Package
The McRae Rally Experience is a tailored package of activity designed specifically to satisfy the client's individual requirements. Your day will be meticulously planned to the last detail to ensure clients gain maximum value from a programme that introduces them to the spectacular sport of rallying, both as a spectator and participant.
The location for the days activities is chosen as close to the clients preferred choice as possible. Everything required for a seamless and memorable experience is provided, including a weatherproof base, fabulous food and refreshments, incidental activities such as a Rally Simulator, medical cover and safety equipment.
With Alister's interest in Helicopters and having had his licence since 2001 the option to travel by helicopter to the venue and to follow the car in the stage is all possible.
Each event combines the current specification of four wheel drive rally supercars with classic rally machinery of the past, enabling guest to gain an insight into the advances in technology and driving skills and styles over the years.
To reinforce the client's message, cars can be branded with the client's identity for the event.
Following the event, all guests will receive an individual DVD, which includes on-board footage of theeir rides with Alister, as well as shots of the cars in action.

An Exclusive Experience
The McRae Rally Experience is a bespoke high quality programme that is offered exclusively to a limited number of clients annually. It provides the thrill and excitement of siting alongside and being driven by one of the world's most successful rally drivers - Alister McRae.

To receive further details of the McRae Rally Experience or to discuss booking places please click here and complete the online form or call: 01257 472148.

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McRae Rally Experience - in car view

McRae Rally Experience - 2 wheel drive

McRae Rally Experience - 4 wheel drive

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